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Individual Coaching Sessions 

For Business Professionals 
At All Levels


Individual coaching sessions take place in person (in Berlin) or online. A coaching session is 60 minutes long.

Popular Topics

- I am not sure what my leadership style is. How do I create a strong leadership profile?

- I want to drive results and keep the team motivated. How do I inspire my directs in the midst of budget cuts and ongoing RIFs? 

- I was told that I lack emotional intelligence. How can I gain that competence?

- I am observing disengagement on team level. How do I create a healthy work culture?


- I am managing multicultural teams and there is a lot of interpersonal friction. How do I improve cross-cultural communication?

- I am not sure I communicate in a clear, confident way. How do I improve my communication style?

- I am overworked and stressed. How do I get out of this?

- I am not sure I am living to my full potential as a leader. What are my signature strengths?

- I am triggered by various situations at work. What can I do about it?

- I feel like I am not respected at work. How do I change that?


Starting at 180 EUR for 60 minutes

Inquire about packages and availability at

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